Just a newbie

Who am I? Nobody. Just a photography newbie based now in Munich, Germany. About a year ago, I discovered my passion for photography and it has been an incredible journey ever since.

My initial fascination was sparked by the captivating neo-vintage aesthetic photography style, leading me to explore the realm of analogue film photography. However, my curiosity didn't stop there as I soon ventured into the realm of digital photography as well.

Today, my photography style revolves around capturing and conveying a specific vibe. To me, a truly great photograph goes beyond mere visuals; it has the power to evoke profound emotions. Through my work, I find a means of self-expression and a way to preserve the untouched emotions that lie within me.

While I acknowledge that I still have much to learn and improve upon, my ever-growing passion fuels my drive to continue improving in this art form.

I invite you to join me on this journey, to witness my progression, and to be a part of the captivating world I strive to create through my lens.


"A picture is worth a thousand words"

A mesmerizing embodiment of profound sentiment, the timeless adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" captures the ethereal essence of artistry's essence. Within the enchanting realm of a great photograph lies a majestic power to awaken the dormant embers of the viewer's soul, for it possesses the ability to kindle a kaleidoscope of emotions that transcend the boundaries of spoken language. Each intricate brushstroke of light, shadow, and color whispers a symphony of untold narratives, speaking to the depths of our being and evoking an exquisite tapestry of sentiments. This captivating allure lies in the uncharted territories of individual experiences, where the very same image dances upon the hearts of divergent souls, conjuring an array of emotions as unique as fingerprints. It is in this enchanting interplay between subject and beholder that the true magic unfolds—an ethereal dance of vibrancy and resonance. Every candid flaw, every imperfection embraced, becomes an exquisite stroke upon the canvas of existence, breathing life into the photograph and lending it an unparalleled perfection. In these captured moments, where the visual transcends the verbal, the soul finds solace, connection, and the ever-captivating embodiment of life's indescribable wonders.